Export Quality Cartons Box. Packbox is known as one of the noted manufacturers of a wide range of Packaging products like Export Quality Boxes. These packaging boxes are widely used in packing of exportable items like ready made clothes, engineering goods, processed foods, more.We also export gift boxes to different countries and states

One of the excellent protection for heavy goods, irregular packs and export shipping. These heavy duty palletized cap and sleeve pallet boxes are manufactured with the best features.

Export Details

Importer Exporter Code : 0716934868
Trade License Certificate : BO27192645148417115

Home Moving Kits

As a mover, you need a quality moving kit that is adjustable in every size and shape. You need an appropriate moving kit that fits your commodities. It is not easy to pack all your moving items in just one random sized box. This is why you have to choose the right design of moving kit during relocation. We know that every home is different in its own way.

So we at packbox.in designed home removal kits that suit best for your home. Moving kit makes it easier to stack goods and in the box and even in the van during the transit. This makes it easy to relocate and even give an additional edge to secure goods. We have a wide range of home moving kit for your convenience.

1-2 Bedroom home moving kit

Our 1-2 bedroom removing kit is made out of genuine quality available at an affordable price. It is durable for long distance transit.

5 units of Small double wall cartoon (45 x 30 x 35)
3 units of medium double wall cartoon (50 x 35 x 40)
3 units of large double sized cartoon (55 x 40 x 40)
8 pieces of one-inch edge protectors
1.5 x 10-meter air bubble wrap along with 3 brown PVC tapes.

3-4 Bedroom home moving kit

Fewer people in the family but a number of goods to be moved. We have right fitting bedroom home moving kit boxes for swift relocation.

3 units of small double wall cartoon (45 x 30 x 35)
2 units of medium double wall cartoon (50 x 35 x 40)
2 units of large double wall cartoon ( 55 x 40 x 40)
16 pieces of one-meter edge protectors
1.5 x 20-meter air bubble wrap, 6 brown PVC tapes, 16 x 20 inches 20 LDPE poly bags.

Student home moving kit export boxes

We know sending your child to study at a faraway university is a hardship moment. You can fit in all the essential and required goods for your children’s safety with our student home moving kit.

3 units of small double wall cartoon (45 x 30 x35).
2 units of medium double wall cartoon (50 x 35 x 40).
2 units of large double wall cartoon (55 x 40 x 40).
1.5 meter 5 bubble air wraps.
2 pieces of brown PVC tapes.

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