Courier Cover's & Jiffy Envelopes

An envelope is a container that holds the important document and ensures that it’s only opened by the addressee. Envelopes are typically manufactured usually from brown hardened paper. We manufacture and export envelopes. We even sell envelopes with interior bubble wrap to check the damage caused to documents or goods that are caused while shipping.

Our envelopes are lightweight but have an effective ability for protection. We export all our products on your requirements to any location.

Light Weight Bubble-Lined Courier Covers and Pouches

Conveniently secure your confidential documents with these envelopes can be used to mail, store documents. Every envelope contains a sturdy metal clasp and a heavy gummed flap, this keeps documents safe during transit.

Our envelopes are made up of high-quality Kraft paper. These envelopes are highly durable and rigid to ensure documents stay in their original form. Brown colored envelopes give a completely professional appearance.

We add internal lining of plastic. This generates air bubble which secures documents from rough treatment when dispatched.


• Lightweight reducing postage cost.

• Water resistant ensuring the secure seal of the package

• Laminated with gold Kraft paper

• Air bubble gives an extra support for protection during transit

• Removes uses of staples and tapes

• Puncture resistance

• Quick and easy opening

• Ironic quality for effective protection.

• These envelopes ensure better protection than that of ordinary envelopes.

• Envelopes are tightly padded with light packing materials offering equivalent protection.

• High top slip for easily inserting documents.

• Strong adhesive and easy to write on it too.

Jiffy Enevelopes & Courier Covers are used for the following Applications

  1. Drugs and Vitamins
  2. Audio CDs
  3. Jewelry
  4. Photo Supplies
  5. Catalogs
  6. Samples
  7. Books
  8. Dental and medical supplies
  9. Watches
  10. Picture Frames
  11. Novelties
  12. Video Cassettes
  13. CD-ROMS

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