Silica Gel

Silicon dioxide that's generally known as silica helps in absorbing moisture in the air. It is used for the product that can get corrosion, rusting, fungus. Silica gel is also widely used by electronic engineers, army, and pharmaceutical industry.

Silica gel is highly beneficial for captivating and holding the water vapor present in the air.

1. Silica was patented during the year 1919 for the gas mask containers in World War.

2. It was used as a drying agent for army and pharmaceutical supplies in World War

Silica gel can be used in many possibilities. While sending a certain dose of medication to home then buy Silica gel and add these small bags with your package. Your drug stays dry even at a high temperature and powders wouldn’t clump.

Transporting goods over Sea, land or by air-silica gel is often used by our customers.


1. Has an unbounded life in an airtight condition.

2. Eventually few goods which lead to desiccant helps in drying.

3. It is highly recommendable for supplies done through sea, air and even by land.

4. Provides a better transit for long distances which take a longer period of time.

5. Safeguard your valuable products from drying, buy a silica gel.

6. 5gm should be used for per cubic ft. so 170gms per cubic meter is suggested.

7. They are non-toxic, non-inflammable, harmless and unchanging in daily use.

8. It is a safety element for absorbing air during supplies and for other various purposes.

9. It absorbs up to one-third of its own weight in water vapor.

10. You can order in different quantity at an affordable price.

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