White Cardboard Boxes

Made out of single and double rigid flute corrugated cardboard. A white cardboard box is a next better version of presentation other than brown cardboard boxes. It is mostly used for general packaging purpose and is double walled so that it provides a better protection to heavy items.

White cardboard boxes have all the required qualities that of brown single and double wall boxes. The advantage of white cardboard boxes comes with crisp white exterior, ideal when you need an extra edge over quality. It even ensures high visibility for any handling labels.

For routine product protection while shipping, choose packbox single wall white cardboard boxes. Use our effective crush resistant white double wall cardboard boxes. We even customize easy-seal of smaller white cardboard gift boxes that are perfect for smaller parts or products.


• We are among the top sellers with a great number of stocks.

• Packing tape or hot glue can be used to seal boxes easily.

• Single wall load is 10kgs whereas double is of 30kgs.

• Flat packs are available for easy storage.

• They come in packs like 10 to 25 pieces so there is no need for minimum orders.

• More discounts are offered to our customers for bulk orders.

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