Triple Wall Cardboard Boxes

Triple wall cardboard box gives utmost protection to any kind of goods. They are hard to get crushed or break. Triple wall boxes are a sandwich of triple flute layer with edges that are hand stitched. This gives it a strong and immense strength to withstand loss that can be caused. delivers triple wall cardboard boxes providing ultimate protection. It is essential while shipping, store or pack heavy items and ultra-fragile products. These Three layered cardboard boxes are made out of thick Kraft layer.

Triple wall boxes ensures long-lasting protection from knocks scrapes and changes in temperature as they are ideal for storage, stacking or long-distance shipping. They come in flat-packed for easy storage in the warehouse.


• Triple wall cardboard boxes can be easily sealed with our special tapes or even by polypropylene straps.

• It is large and spacious for better storage of goods inside the box.

• They are available at economical price.

• It can take weight up to 50kgs of load and highly recommendable for better safety of goods.

• 5 boxes a pack is usually delivered for convenient storage.

• The temperature change doesn’t affect the boxes.

• These boxes help in reduction of cost for transporting and damage caused to goods.

• They are ready for shipment for any quantity with the best quality.

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