Telescopic Boxes

Telescopic boxes are rigid and strong which has fold over lid with base design. It has a triple layer protection. Double thickness on the sides and on the edge for extreme strength at the end.

Telescopic boxes are specially made for packaging advantages. Products like stack of business card-boxes, rods, tube light or other such things can be sealed in telescopic boxes. Boxes and its lids come detached as you can pack according to your convenience of the goods height or volume.

This box also has a separate lid which helps in changing the height of the box. Enables to customize the box according to the goods requirement.


• Easy to assemble sides and can be folded in few simple steps to be stored aside.
• Best for large items, store clothes, save documents, mail order gifts etc.
• Boxes are available in two colors white and brown.
• Slides have lids to customize size.

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