Stretch Wraps

Stretch wrap film is a plastic film that can be used to wrap items and pallets. Its properties keep items tightly bound together for packaging, shipping, and storage. Our economic polyethylene film is hi-cling stretched clarity film wrap. They have superior strength doesn’t break easily and is tear resistance which other stretch film doesn’t cover.

Stretch film is commonly used as to wrap products and pallets securely. This reduces product costs, work injury, load tampering etc. we deliver a variety of stretch film in width, thickness and different types of stretch film.


  1. Clear stretch film is the most popular and economic choice, allowing contents to be visible and scanned
  2. Coloured stretch film enables pallets to be colour coded by depot, destination, QC status, fresh, frozen etc.
  3. Black security stretch wrap conceals valuable and sensitive contents, such as electronics

Hand Applied Stretch film

All hand applied films offers the following special advantages:

  1. Excellent load retention properties
  2. High strength products require less film stretching
  3. Elastic properties keep film tight if load settles
  4. Reduced film "neckdown" (width reduction) during tensioning
  5. Lighter gauges and roll weights means less operator fatigue
  6. Elevate tear and puncture strength
  7. Excellent film clarity for best product visibility and reading bar codes
  8. Significant cost saving advantages over conventional, heavier gauge films


  1. Thickness (Microns): 12 to 23
  2. Length (Meters): 400
  3. Widths (mm): 500

Machine Applied Stretch film

All machine applied films offers the following special advantages:

  1. Multilayer cast film
  2. Exceptional load retention properties
  3. Stretches to 275% stretch level (80 gauge product)
  4. Exceptional puncture and tear resistance
  5. Works well on stretch equipment with speeds to 30 RPM
  6. True one-side cling prevents adjacent loads from sticking together
  7. Wide variety of film sizes available including paper roll wrap at gauges to 300


  1. Thickness (Microns): 23 to 50
  2. Length (Meters): 1200
  3. Widths (mm): 500
S no. Product Specification unit
1 75 mm / 3 inch Baby core Kg
2 100 mm / 4 inch Baby core Kg
3 150 mm / 6 inch Baby core Kg
4 250 mm / 10 inch Manual Kg
5 300 mm / 12 inch Manual Kg
6 500 mm /20 inch Manual Kg
7 600 mm / 24 inch Manual Kg

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