PVC Shrink Film

We manufacture low-cost wrap film and tools. We have a wide range of PVC film that you can choose from for a straight and easy application. Comprehensive various shrink wrap film for packaging supplies with a complete shrink wrapping system.

PVC shrink wrap is handy over covering uneven shape or edged object. Our crystal clear PVC shrink film is puncture resistant and strong. It wraps around at low temperature and work accordingly with any brand of heat guns and shrink wrap machines.


  1. Enhances product presentation
  2. Tamper proofs boxed products
  3. Strong pvc shrink wrap film protects without damaging packaging
  4. Ideal for DVDs, games, novelties, boxed food, consumer electronics etc
  5. Can be used with most shrink wrap machines
  6. Popular sizes from stock (others please allow 7 days)
  7. Special LOW PRICES on all pvc shrink film supplies
  8. Available in 13 widths and 3 gauges
  9. Stocked in standard centerfold rolls
  10. Polyolefin shrink wrap film also available

Polylefin Shrink warp film

Polyolefin centre folded shrink wrap film for quality presentation.

Polyolefin shrink film is a high performance shrinkwrap film with excellent tensile strength, very high clarity and balanced heat shrinkage in all directions.

It is compatible with most shrink wrap machinery including manual L-sealers, semi automatic and automatic systems. Commonly used for shrink wrapping books, retail products, small parts and reams of paper.


  1. Available in 12, 15, 19 and 25 micron rolls
  2. Suitable for direct food contact
  3. Produces a very strong seal
  4. Quick shrinkage (65% at 135 degrees C)
  5. Polyolefin has very high clarity properties
  6. Ideal shrink wrap film for retail products


Thickness(micron) 12/15/19/25
Length(meters) 1667/1334/1067/800
width(inch) 6 to 30
Shrink(% @ 250℉) 55/60
Shrink Temperature 240 to 360℉
Usage and Storage Temperature -50 to 110℉
Gloss% 90
Tensile Strength 18000
Pouches As per your requirement

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