Heavy Duty Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

They are specially crafted for a high-level protection of goods. It can withstand immense pressure and damages that can be caused by transit. They are made up of good crush resistance material with its sides stitched. Great box for the safeguard of commodities during exporting or importing.

Heavy duty double wall has an extra padding to provide necessary strength to carry heavy goods. Its multilayered structure offers much more strength in comparison of single wall boxes. It is best for shifting heavy goods because of their durability. Heavy duty double wall boxes are used only in the households, official purposes and also by manufacturing industries and retail outlets.

Our heavy duty double wall cardboard boxes are eco-friendly manufactured from recycled paper. Easy to transport goods that occupies much space and can be stored flat.


• Great crush resistance for a better protection.

• Reduce risks of damage.

• Strong and can hold up to 40kgs of load capacity.

• Ideal boxes for shipping and air cargo freight.

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