Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

We manufacture double wall Boxes made of twin flute layer for a better protection of good. Strong and fragile items can be very well secured in these boxes. Double wall corrugated boxes help invulnerability and reliability. It ensures a better security for valuable items and antiques. Special tapes are available to seal these boxes.

Our sturdy double wall cardboard boxes are crush resistant. It is ideal to use double wall boxes industries which manufacture and ship products that require a high level of protection. Double wall boxes are an effective for shipping delicate automotive parts, and glassware, jewelry, engineering household fixtures and fittings or electrical goods.

Our double wall cardboard boxes are for long-term storage. The exterior feature provides a surface for tape and labels. This makes it easy to create a secure seal protecting your contents from dirt and dust.


• Easy to handle, commute and assemble.

• Flat of 10 boxes for convenient storage.

• Heavier and larger commodities can be stored safely.

• This has a high crush resistance.

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