Cardboard Edge Protectors

Cardboard Edge protectors act as a shield that can be caused to goods during transit. A low-cost product but with many advantages. Our cardboard edge protectors are made from compressed recycled cardboard and are environmentally friendly.

Cardboard edges protectors are used to aid protection of loads under complete all over protection. It can also be cut short to any size and act as a reinforcement of cardboard boxes.

Our Heavy duty cardboard edge protectors are totally recyclable. Cardboard edge protectors stabilize goods while commuting, this gives a hassle-free transit with security. Rigid by nature and economically beneficial too.

We have a wide variety of postal packaging boxes based on your requirements, choose from our range of reliable postal packaging products. Which are made from strong, quality and durable materials, yet they are economically designed in such a way that they are of light weighted to provide security and also for product protection whether in storage or in transit.


1. Available in 22 sizes or just cut to required measurement.

2. Helps in the easy stacking process

3. Avoid knocks and bumps during transit.

4. Best for pallets, cartoon, frames, furniture etc

5. Provide better stabilized transit


Angleboard sizes are based on the following dimesions:
A: Leg Length One - Available from 1.5 - 2.5 inches (38.1 mm - 63.5 mm)
B: Leg Length Two - Available from 1.5 - 2.5 inches (38.1 mm - 63.5 mm)
C: Calliper - Available from .120 - .250 inches (3 mm - 6.4 mm)
D: Length - Available from 2 inches - 240 inches (50.8 mm - 6,096 mm)

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